Maya’s programming languages

It seems like there are more and more posts, queries, and threads about Maya’s different scripting languages. I figure it’ll be nice to have a nice listing of the languages, their benefits and uses.

Here is a quick breakdown:






There are performance issues with each language but in my experience, speed is not an issue in all but a few cases (iterating through lots of verts or polys, etc.)

The great thing is that you can actually use all of these languages together, at the same time, in the same script if you want to.  A python script can import maya.cmds and PyMEL (though they stomp on each other a bit, so you’d have to import into seperate namespaces if you really wanted to use both), PyMEL has a mel call for special mel cases, both have access to most of the API via python; and you can import MRV too, if needed.

For noobs, I’d hop straight into maya.cmds and then expand your knowledge out to the other options as needed.

Ping me for glaring omissions, thanks.

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Published on: September 27, 2011

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  1. siddhi says:

    nyc… pls provide more reference on it… !

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