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Downloads referred to in posts are gathered here.
Perforce build script (Python 2.7, VS 2010) for ADSK 2014+:


PyMEL Virtual Class scripts:

Zip of the two

GDC 2011 Talk, Notes and media:

PDF: Power Python Development for Maya (6 MB)

ZIP of Movies: Power Python Dev Movies (51 MB)

MEL for Artists 2005 MasterClass:

ZIP of assets/scripts MasterClass (1 MB)

Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists

ZIP of assets/scripts MasterClass (3MB)

2007 original pdf MasterClass2007_jasonParks.pdf (3MB). This is for those you do not have iPads. Donations accepted:

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  1. Ankit Gajjar says:

    Your MasterClass MEL for Artists is really great, i just had an over look it but i feel its going to teach me all i need
    i am student of Rigging, so i have really good intertest in Scripting
    Before finding your page i had wrote some basic scripts pls have a look SIR and give your Feedback ::

    • jason says:

      Good first step Ankit.

      However, the ‘CBdeleteConnection’ command doesn’t work when trying to ‘Break Connections’ using the Uni Attribute Tool. That kind of command is usually a high-level custom command generated by some of Maya’s UI. According to a CGTalk thread:

      “CBdeleteConnection is a global proc that is contained in generateChannelMenu.mel in your maya/scripts/startup folder of your maya installation.
      source generateChannelMenu.mel;
      will put this proc into memory and get rid of your error.”

      This command only gets ‘sourced’ into your scene/environment when you manually right click a channel in the channel box and choose break connections. This is not very reliable and you should probably use the much more reliable built-in MEL command disconnetAttr:
      disconnectAttr pSphere1_scaleZ.output |pSphere1.scale.scaleZ;

      This is going to take some string building though, which MEL is not that good for. You’re getting the first glimpse of the reason so many of us have moved up to Python. The sooner you are able to the faster you’ll be able to code. But stick with MEL as long as you need to in order to feel comfortable. Then work on python and then PyMEL versions of these 2 tools to get even better. Good luck. Keep it up,


  2. Hello sir, i need your help i whant to copy value of the one object and need to paste it to another attribute of same object e.g : i have an cube and i want to copy value of cube.rotateX to cube.rotateAxisX
    so i was unable to creat script for it, can you help me

  3. aldrick banks says:

    How to get your ipad copy of python for motionbuilder documentation via a Chinese mainland apple account or a none visa US apple account?cuz those are the only that i was able to apply in Beijing.The none visa US apple account wont accept Chinese Visa in later purchase.And China mainland apple account just cannot visit your purchase links at all.

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