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Rigging Dojo Live even re-broadcast here:

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  1. Antonio says:

    Hi…I was wondering if maybe I could get a friendly critique. Also, maybe you could suggest some books to get me started on mel/python scripting since I know the basics of rigging. I have used some very basic mel before but I would like to learn the more (for a lack of a better term) hard core stuff. Thank you for your time.

    • jason says:

      Sure. Kind of a big question these days. It used to be you just go buy ‘Learning Python’ by Mark Lutz at Amazon or one of the other good Python books. But now there are hundreds of ways to learn it. Websites and online classes are amazing now and free.

      If you have time, learn generic Python via books or online classes. If you want to cut to the chase you can learn Maya and MotionBuilder’s python SDKs via:

      My book: Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists

      and Adam and Ryan’s book: Maya Python

      Oh and the latest awesome Mobu python SDK training is here: Python Scirpting in MotionBuilder

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