Climbing Photos - Joshua Tree Weekend (October 2005)

Jason, Devin, Jeff, Penni, & Shane

Devin and I arrived early Friday for a good campsite in Hidden Valley. We head over to Trashcan Rock for some early lead practice and nice face climbing.

Simple 5.3 lead, still it's a lead, which is never simple. ;-) We did a 5.6, 5.8, & two 5.10a's on ths wall. Great day of climbing.

Then a DEEP afternoon nap at our glorious campsite. That mound behind our site is called 'The Blob', the location of several climbs we would do tomorrow with Jeff. Nice near-full moon too.

A couple cool boulders right there in our campsite too lead to nice full-moon, digeridoo, couple-beer, night bouldering sessions. :-p

Devin seconds 'The Bong', 5.5

Jeff starts the little chimney lead for 'Walk on the Beach', 5.4

Over the top, looking for the route:

Nice belay station and view from the top of the north side of The Blob:

Action shot of rappel:

Nice view while climbing out there:

Jeff had to downclimb a little section:

Jeff starts up 'The Bontousier', 5.7 on the south side of The Blob. The route starts down in those rocks:

Then requires a little lay-back on the face:

A little resting spot:

Devin seconds, unclipping, then re-clipping at each piece of Pro:

Penni gives it a go, tries to stay in the crack as long as possible:

Then gets forced out onto the face:

Later on that day, we head over to Lost Horse area and Jeff leads 'Minotaur', 5.7:

Then we move over to 'Men w/ Cow's Heads', 5.5, and 'Solar Powered', 5.6:

Shane starts his FIRST climb:

Pulls another killer move:

Great weekend, Mpegs on there way . . .

The Bong
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Walk On The Beach
348 KB
View from 'The Blob'
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Devin going over the Bong
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Jeff leading a killer 5.7 classic on the south of the Blob
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