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Climb Report - Tahquitz - Sahara Terror 5.7** (June. 2005)


'Jas' & 'Jeff S.'

On the North Face, our route 'Sahara Terror 5.5, 2 stars (meaning, very kewl), ~ 6+ pitches. Pretty sustained 5.5-ish pitches:

Another view from the bottom with my best guess as to our route:

and the same angle zoomed up to pitch 2 and up:

Our heroes:

The first pitch. You can see the rope leading the way. Check out the chick on the exposed belay in the upper right on "WhoDoneIt":

Quicktime! (Click the picture)

Up the second pitch, follow the rope:

Here's a web-image I stole of some gal at the top of this second pitch:

So our 2nd belay is just above the gal in the above picture. Here it is, I'm standing on a tiny ledge:

Check out the big 'Dog-leg' crack under the rope. This is a super-akward move w/ your left leg in the crack kind of inch-worming your way up it:

The 3rd pitch. Go straight up this crack, don't traverse out left too early! or your in trouble:

The 4th belay was pretty hairy too. Laying in a crack for a half hour is unnerving:

Well, I can only really look down or out (to Suicide rock), (that ridge is Deer Spring Trail and Strawberry Junction is about 10 o'clock from Suicide):

The super-fun 5th pitch. Lots of great overhands with good holds:

The super comfy 5th belay:

Quicktime! (Click the picture)
Relatively good size shelf to stand on.
We're all anchored in, even my backpack.

Jas ready to belay Jeff . . .:

... up one of those cracks:

Up the 6th pitch, all easy here ('cept one hard chimney move for me):

We're almost at the top, only half a pitch here:

The Victor: