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Santee November 2006

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Climb Report - Santee Boulders - Travis' first outdoors (November, 2006)

Climbers: Jas & Trav

We ditch work mid-week to start our outdoor adventures and what do you know? it turns out to be 'Santa-Anas' and 95'+ in November!

Trav gets his harness on and he is ready to join the world of "Top-ropers":

All set

We start on MudBall West, a couple of easy ones. The 5.4 crack and an awkward 5.6 crack:

Mudball topo

Trav makes it up the 5.4, no sweat. Now gives the 5.6 a shot . . .

MudRock West

We move over to American Express, 5.9**. A little over his head but he gives it a go:

getting started

He makes the first move. He's barely touching the rock!

first move

He pulls a real power move (easily a 5.8):

power move

and cannot go any further. But is happy with his first attempt.


We go over and boulder a couple of routes on Amphitheater rock but by now the rock is bakeing our finger-tips. Did #2 & (probably) #4 according to this Topo:

ampitheater topo


The next day was like 65' but we do not regret our initial outing. Stay tuned for more from:

The Brothers Parks - Climbing DUO!



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