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Tahquitz June 2007

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Climb Report - Custom Line: Frightful Variation to the Trough 5.2 + Piton Pooper 5.7** (June, 2007)

Climbers: Jeff & Jas

One cold and windy mid-week morning we ditch work and head up for some multi-pitch action.

Jeff definately has a system down. He has just the right gear slung just the way he likes it.

At least I got to try out all of my "cold weather gear" and it did work good. I decided to wear socks because it was so cold and I'm glad I did as I am now a fan of where socks on multi-pitch climbing. It is so much more comfortable on the feet and the loss of sensitivity is neglible.

This chimney is the start of Angel's Fright, which I had a hard time on when I led it. Jeff pulls a cool move here. I did much better this time. The key was to hang my pack on a sling below my harness so it did not get in the way of this off-width.

You can barely see Jeff mid-way up this 5.8 variation of the Frightful Variation.

This is the bottom of the Pine Tree Ledge. There's a little bit of "wiggle" room, which is just what Jeff got done doing in this photo, I think.

A nice comfortable belay. The end of Frightful Variation, the beginning of Piton Pooper.

Piton was great. Some great exposure and one real fun 5.7 move. Enjoying the summit with the outstanding view of Suicide across the valley.

Look forward to the next one.

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